AfterImage Documentary at UNF

Located in The Film Program

Documentaries produced by Dr. Jillian Smith, directed and created by the students of AfterImage Documentary

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Below is a sampling of our documentaries from 2019.  To see more, visit our Vimeo page: 


“Asking Kids Questions” (Kevia Mitchell) 

The guileless honesty of kids never fails to disappoint, from politics to cookies.

“The Other Side of Fear” (Jack Polefko, Bri Dierkson, Connor Ackerman) is a quote from Muy Thai coach Giles Wiley as he wraps the hands of a young boxer before he goes into the ring for competition.  This documentary tracks three local fighters through the competition, giving insight into the different reasons young people get involved in boxing.

“The Show Must Go On: The History of the Five Points Building” (Melissa Deuber, Ellen Cotrill, Holden Smith) consults the living archives of the memories of local residents to unfold the racy history of the Five Points Building, from movies to clubs to sex and back to movies.

“Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio in D Minor” (Bobby Hessler) represents the growing relationship between the Music Department and The Film Program in which the talents of the musicians and the talents of the filmmakers both get enhanced in the collaborative art of film.


“In Search of the Florida Skunk Ape” (Sean Harris)

This audio documentary is a treat for cryptozoologists and lovers of legend as it tracks down evidence of the elusive Florida Skunk Ape.

“Motels” (Jack Polefko, Katilyn Struble)

This audio documentary envelopes the listener in a moody past as it explores the histories and stories of motels in Jacksonville Florida.