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The OER-Immersive Multimedia Materials Project

Author: Jade Basilius, Communication/Spanish Major (Main researcher) Alexander Isin, Computer Science/Spanish Major (Main researcher) Sara Kunz-Rutigliano, Spanish Major. Diego Salinas, Music Major Georgina Wilson, Spanish Major.
Faculty Mentor: Johana Barrero, Ph. D., Ångeles Fernández Cifuentes, Ph. D.


The OER-Immersive Multimedia Materials Project project aims at the design and development of Open Educational Resources (OER) in the classroom as a model to integrate community-based learning and undergraduate research in lower and upper-level courses of the Spanish Program at UNF. It specifically involves the design of immersive educational materials with a focus on Virtual Reality and reading accessibility. The adaptability of digital technology becomes a key element of our project within the context of the emergence of new learning modalities that place equity and inclusion at the center stage of educational innovation. This project is associated with “Accessible Classics: Digital Adaptations for People with Reading Difficulties”.
Research Types: Undergraduate Research, Faculty/Staff


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11 Responses

  1. This Virtual Reality project for use in language-learning classes is impressive. There will be so many opportunities for students to help create OER materials using this technology, and it’s an exciting way for students to engage with the learning process and to connect with their communities.
    Great work Dr. Barrero, Dr. Fernandez and all the students!

  2. OER materials are becoming more and more important in higher education. Your poster wonderfully highlights how OERs need not be bland, but can truly engage learners. Well done!

  3. Great idea to combine language learning with other fields of interest and incorporate technology and science to fully engage the students and inspire other peers to participate in OER.

  4. It is great to see student-created OER materials, especially interactive materials. This is a wonderful project, and I hope to see more like it at UNF.

  5. This poster was very interesting. At this time it can be a challenge to find free resources for educational VR content that works on all platforms. How do you anticipating hosting this content? Also during you research did you find repositories of 360 instructional videos beyond YouTube?

  6. It was great to see how people from multiple disciplinary backgrounds and multiple perspectives worked together to bring a global/social issue into focus by using technology and culture. Congratulations on this excellent work.

  7. I love everything about the water and this project made me love it even more. I enjoyed reading about how you plan to use OER in the classroom great work!

  8. This is forward-thinking in combining tantalizing immersive experiences for learners. As WebXR matures, this type of learning will become more normalized. Is that how this was constructed?

  9. virtually reality is taking the world by storm I appreciate how you wish to incorporate upper and lower level students to achieve this vast area of material that can be shared and interpreted by others. As time goes on I believe classrooms will need to learn and adapt and add new materials and way to get vital information to their students as well as keep the classes interesting and educational.

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