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Looking at the African Diaspora through the Black Higher Education System

Author: Lawerence Shipmon
Faculty Mentor: Professor Tru Levertte


Florida is home to four Historical Black Colleges/Universities (in order from first established to last established): Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Florida Memorial University, Edward Waters College, and Bethune Cookman University. HBCU were built to serve the educational needs of black Americans, because many black Americans were not allowed to attend other schools known as predominantly white institutions (PWI). HBCU were built mainly on similar principals, so how has the HBCUs held up the standard that they have set for themselves and how have they worked toward continuing the legacy that their founders have set and that FAMU has set? Through visiting the campuses and their museums, as well as interviewing alumni and current students I will be able to provide multiple perspectives on how HBCU values have been upheld on campus and how they have been executed through their students’ lives.
Research Types: Undergraduate Research


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5 Responses

  1. It’s nice to learn more about the history and missions of these institutions and to see the historical and contemporary images you included. Good work, Lawerence.

  2. During this time of COVID-19, as universities and colleges struggle with both the logistics of continuing operations and strained financial circumstances,, it is important to remind ourselves of the unique history and value of HBCU within the landscape of higher education in the U.S. Good job!

  3. Your poster is very insightful and presents your research objectives in a clear and informative manner. Your project draws much-needed attention to the valuable legacy and impact of Florida’s HBCU’s.

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