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Golden Door

Author: Sheila Goloborotko and Vanessa B. Cruz
Faculty Mentor: N/A


Creating a short video animation based on the Walt Whitman poem “O Captain! My Captain!” to illustrate the loss of a leader or what happens in a country when leadership fails its citizens. Composing and manipulating sketches captured from the daily news images portraying America’s current racist and inhuman policies against neighboring countries and immigrants.
Research Types: Faculty/Staff

15 Responses

  1. I second Dr. Geesey’s comments; it is absolutely fascinating –and inspiring– the way you create a space of dialogue and community-building in the confluence of different media, materials, techniques, and intertextual references. I do hope we can enjoy another one of your collaborations at MOCA Jacksonville in the near future.

  2. This is a timely expression of the racist and heartless actions of many in our current government. It’s a sad illustration of how our country is rejecting our traditional ethos and idealized conceptions of our nation regarding immigration.

  3. Thank you Ángeles! I hope you had the opportunity to see the curatorial project and exhibition “Multiple Ones” currently at MOCA. I am working on a new curatorial project Print +: Sameness and Otherness in Contemporary Printmedia; it will premier in the Hunterdon Museum in New Jersey in 2021 and MOCA 2022!

    1. I did not know one of your projects was currently on exhibition at the MOCA! I will definitely go and see “Multiple Ones” and “Print +: Sameness and Otherness” when it premiers. Congratulations on all your achievements, particularly in times like these!

  4. Great poster and even more powerful film! I love the way this project brings together poetry and our national symbol of immigration, while juxtaposing our founding principles with current xenophobia.

  5. I love the usage of the “Golden Door” as a metaphor. It makes people really think about how our view on immigration has changed over the past few centuries.

  6. The art shown in the short animation was beautiful. I love the creative execution of this powerful message. I hope a lot of people get to view this project.

  7. The poster and the accompanying animation are a truly fascinating interpretation and take on the modern situation we face using Whitman’s poem. Particularly on the specific issue of immigration, which still remains as problematic an issue as it was in the 19th century, as xenophobia determined certain policies towards immigration.

  8. The thought behind this project is astounding. We have Whitman, one of America’s most celebrated poets who in his time was writing about a fallen leader. Today, we have leaders that have fallen in a different way, one where they are letting others fall instead. The connection between a “Golden Door” and the realities of a hateful wall was powerful and draws out the hypocrisy of America itself. On one end, people would like to be proud of this “country of oppurtunity” while on another, they’d shut others out of that opportunity. Great artwork, and a lovely soundtrack.

  9. A heartbreaking film, but beautiful. It’s difficult to grapple with the gross xenophobia occurring at the border, knowing the life and death consequences. It’s unconscionable to turn our back on these human beings. I am upset COVID-19 has been weaponized to turn away even policial asylum seekers, in violation of international law. Yet I’m sadly not surprised. Thank you for making this piece.

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