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Editorial Work and Contextual Research on Materials Related to North Florida History in UNF Special Collections

Author: Marisa Pechillo
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Clayton Mccarl


During the Summer 2020 semester, I participated in the course DIG3152, Intro to Electronic Textual Editing, during which I edited and created the exhibit for the Elisa Hatch letters, two documents from the 1840s held in UNF Special Collections. With the assistance of a generous grant from the UNF Office of Undergraduate Research as well as faculty support from Dr. Clayton McCarl, Susan Switosz, and Jennifer Bibb, this fall I am conducting a second round of editing and contextual research on selected documents edited during the summer course. These items consist of various documents, including several from the Varnum family collection and the Fleming family collection. The goal of this second round of editing and contextual research is to ensure the accuracy of all transcriptions and the adherence of all regularized reading versions to North Florida Editorial Workshop’s editorial standards, as well as expand the exhibit that introduces each document and collection on NFEW’s Omeka website. The finished materials aim to supplement the information available in the Library’s finding aids in addition to making the documents more accessible to researchers, scholars, and the general public, thus providing valuable opportunities for extending the narratives of local history in Jacksonville and the wider areas of Northeast Florida.
Research Types: Undergraduate Research


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13 Responses

  1. Hi Marisa,
    Thank you for contributing this important work that will help many researchers in the future. Your YouTube video was particularly helpful in visualizing the steps involved in this process. I wish you the best as you go on to earn your graduate degree(s)!
    Dr. Stallings-Smith

  2. Marisa, your poster is great and explains very well, but I love your video illustrations. You explain the value of your work very effectively. Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you for your support of Special Collections here at UNF – I think your poster is well done and your video adds a lot of clarity to your work, your goals and your expected outcomes.

    1. Ms. Susan Swiatosz,

      Thank you, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with UNF Special Collections this semester and look forward to continuing my work.

      Marisa Pechillo

  4. Hello Marisa,
    I really enjoyed learning about your digital editing project. Your video on the process is very instructive and is an excellent complement to your poster. Great job!

  5. Beautiful work, Marisa. The video supplementing your poster is engaging and edifying, especially in its demonstration of the transcription stages. You’re also an excellent public presenter, a skill which will serve you well as you advance in your fields of interest. Well done!

    1. Dr. Cousins,
      Thank you. I am glad to hear the video successfully demonstrates the transcription stages of the project. The generous grant provided through the Office of Undergraduate Research was certainly helpful in supporting further transcription work and completion of my project this semester.

      Marisa Pechillo

  6. Your video is beautiful with an effective voice over that gives people like me (who are not familiar with the transcription process) a better appreciation for the hard work you’ve done. Well done!

    1. Ms. Encinosa,

      Thank you! I am certainly happy to hear that the video was helpful for anyone who may not have a background in transcription or be familiar with the process.

      Marisa Pechillo

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