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Curating Lincolnville: Internship-Based Pedagogies

Author: James Beasley, Ph.D.
Faculty Mentor: NA


While many researchers utilize archives for recovery work, this study examines how student internships can bridge the gap between the story that a researcher tells and how a community tells its own story. ENC 4415 Rhetoric and the Digital Humanities utilized the work of a student intern at the Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center as the course materials for the course research project. The results are presented with implications on digital humanities pedagogy and social justice education.
Research Types: Faculty/Staff

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6 Responses

  1. I loved how this project is a virtual archive giving a voice to those who are unable to tell their stories. I also thought it was really interesting how the help of student interns was a major part of this project.

  2. James,
    Thank you for this perspective. It speaks to working WITH the community instead of IN the community or ON the community. I enjoyed seeing this type of community-engaged work highlighted and advanced.

  3. Fascinating and inspiring work, James! I think it is a really well-thought and creative approach to ensure all participants’ contributions in the project (community, students, faculty) are valued and acknowledged. Thanks for opening ways to follow!

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