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ArtWork(ers) United: Essential Dialogue

Author: Amy Bennion, Jessica Borusky, Vanessa B. Cruz, Sheila Goloborotko, Jenny Hager, Kally Malcom, D. Lance Vickery
Faculty Mentor: NA


Hosting a drive-in style all-digital projection and socially distanced event at UNF, showcasing over 90 artists, presenting visual art, music, poetry, and video works. Convening a diverse and multigenerational group of artists and their thought-provoking work that provides a critical response to current events, an opportunity for civic discourse and political engagement.
Research Types: Faculty/Staff


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16 Responses

  1. Events like this are so important in helping maintain a sense of community. The ability to visualize these artistic expressions about current events in a group setting helps promote social healing and a sense that we are not experiencing these situations in isolation. Overcoming the challenges of delivering such an event in a socially-distanced, safe manner is to be applauded. Well done!

  2. The idea of a drive-in art show is great! I really wish I had been up in Jacksonville at the time to see it. Community events during CoVid-19 are important. I love that some of the projects are based on current events too.

  3. I love how they had it in a drive-in movie style, it adds that fun flair to a socially-distanced event so that it doesn’t feel so forced or awkward. I also appreciate how they took on current events with some of the art pieces. I hope one day I’ll be able to stop by and see more of the artwork.

  4. Timely project that reminds us of the power of art and exhibits local talent.
    Would be nice to see hyperlinks to some of the artworks.

  5. I love this idea of a drive in art exhibit! This is a great way for everyone, especially artists, to cope. It is important to keep our mental health a priority, by creating art and a way for others to view it is an amazing idea to feel somewhat normal right now.

  6. I like how they were able to bring the community together to enjoy art and poetry without risking their health. I also liked the fact that they included pro-voting messages in the art, with the event taking place closely before election day.

  7. I liked how this was such a collaborative effort. The innovation that is typical of artwork was infused in the planning and execution of the event. I enjoyed seeing the problem-solving at work. I hope that others will be inspired to do similar events in the future.

  8. Wow! What a unique way to share artwork during the COVID 19 Pandemic! Your idea might be the new norm for artists who want to show off their work. I am looking forward to seeing your idea used in the future.

  9. Again, I’m so happy to see how many people are finding ways of overcoming this year, rather than letting it stop them. A drive-in art exhibition is a great, creative idea, as well as a responsible one. It’s also interesting to see how our political and global climate has inspired artwork that otherwise, might not have resonated as much. The art of George Floyd is powerful, and I also admired the idea of Voyage, which is an idea that speaks to me powerfully to me this year since it seems so impossible. I think we can really analyze how our priorities shift and change in the art we create and admire.

  10. Love to see this revival of drive in entertainment tailored to bring attention to the historical events of 2020. I hope the project continues in the spring!

  11. It’s rare to see a poster with a black background — but I personally appreciate the aesthetic. The color choice is easier on my eyes, especially via a digital medium. Nice work on this, and great design!

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