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Submitting Media

We are creating posters based on the media you submit on the Poster Submission form. Therefore, the poster images, and audio files need to be formatted properly. The following instructions should help give you the best results for you poster.


Convert Your Poster...

You will need to upload your poster to the Project Showcase site as a “jpeg” image. To do this, you will use the Export feature in PowerPoint. With your poster open in PowerPoint, go to the File menu and choose “Export…”

... Export as JPEG

In the Export dialog box you will choose the location to save your file, and change the File Format to JPEG. Also, you will choose “Save Current Slide Only”. Change the Width to “1920” (the height will automatically update) and then click the Export button. The resulting file will be what you upload to the site using the Poster Submission form.

Upload Audio File

If you choose to include an audio file in your poster page, it will need to be in MP3 (.mp3) format. Usually recording software, such as Adobe Audition, and Audacity, can save or convert to MP3 format.

You can also use iTunes/Apple Music to convert your audio file to MP3. Instructions are on Apple’s Support page.

Submitting Video

If you would like to include video on your poster page, you will need to use a video hosting solution such as YouTube or Vimeo. You can simply copy the link to the video, and paste it in the video URL field in the form. It will even give you a preview using the thumbnail of the video.