Observations and Contributions During an Internship with the Viola Muse Digital Edition

Author: Amelia Dixon
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Clayton McCarl, Dr. Laura Heffernan, Dr. Tru Leverette


The Viola Muse Digital Edition is a collection of papers authored by Viola Muse between 1936 to 1937 for the Federal Writers’ Project. The Digital Edition will make Muse’s writing more easily accessible to the public and will help shed light on Jacksonville’s African American history. The project is led by Dr. Laura Heffernan, Dr. Tru Leverette, and Dr. Clayton McCarl. In the spring of 2021, international studies major Zariah Grant created an initial inventory and transcribed over half the collection, and in the summer of 2021, sixteen students transcribed and encoded documents as part of the course DIG3152 Introduction to Electronic Textual Editing. In the fall of 2021, I am interning with the project through the course DIG4944 Digital Humanities Internship. In this role, I am continuing to prepare the items in the collection for publication by completing tasks such as transcribing documents, editing for structure, appearance, semantics, and regularization, and creating annotations that will assist users in gaining a deeper understanding of the information that is presented in the papers. Additionally, I am conducting secondary research to investigate the historical context surrounding the documents. In this poster, I will provide an overview of the project and discuss the work that I am doing this semester.
Research Type: Undergraduate Research

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  1. Great project, Amelia–thank you for your important work, here, and I really like the idea of coordination with other collections, too! Thank you for your presentation!

  2. Nicely done and thanks for sharing, Amelia – students can get a clear sense of the kinds of internships and research they might do with a faculty mentor from looking at this poster. Good luck moving forward with a career in archives!

  3. Great project Amelia! I have gone over the Viola Muse project in the intro to digital humanities class I am currently taking and I really liked this project overall. I think it will be really interesting to see the discrepancies that could have been distorted based on the comparison to other collections Muse has work in.

  4. Amelia – nice job on your project! I liked how you spread awareness of African American history and included several resources. Good luck with your second research on diving deeper into this topic.

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